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Alicia Silverstone does NYC!
November 3, 2009, 12:05 pm
Filed under: Restaurant reviews

Sooo Boston is really lame as far as strictly vegan restaurants. We’ve got My Thai Vegan Cafe in Chinatown which is delicious, best lo mein EVER, and T.J. Scallywag’s in Allston (not too big of a fan, but to each his own), but Beantown is severely lacking in vegan/vegetarian restaurants. As I’ve shown through previous posts, it is not a matter of going to vegan restaurants all the time, it’s a matter of eating veganly in carniverous scenarios.

BUT New York City is a different story. I am originally from New York so I have always been jealous of the seemingly never ending variety of vegan treats in Manhattan. If you ever find yourself in NYC and you don’t know where to find a vegan restaurant, just head to the Village, there’s a vegan restaurant on every corner. Not that there aren’t vegan restaurants all over the place in NYC, I’m just saying you can’t throw a penny without hitting a vegan restaurant in the village. In midtown or uptown, you’ll have to do a little extra searching to find vegan restaurants.

Alicia Silverstone has been doing a lot of work promoting her new book The Kind Diet, and she recently made a three minute youtube video where she goes around NYC and eats at a bunch of different vegan restaurants. I was especially excited because I’ve been to one of the restaurants she surveys AND I had what she has. Sacred Chow in the village is seriously the BEST breakfast and reuben I’ve had. Mouth is watering just thinking about it! So here’s a snipit of why I am so jealous of all vegan New Yorkers and all the choices they have. I know it isn’t Boston-based, but it’s good to know the places to go if you ever find yourself in the Big Apple!

Watch the video here!


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