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Raw for a week!
November 17, 2009, 1:36 pm
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As I prepare to embark upon the holiday season, I know that even as a vegan, I will be endulging myself in all the treats that come with this time of year. So with Thanksgiving quickly approaching, I want to take a week and try to eat the healthiest I can eat, before I eat the least healthiest I eat. I am going to TRY to be 90% RAW for five days using guidelines laid out by I found this website and was so impressed. I had always wanted to try the raw lifestyle (just for a little), but was unsure how to do it. Well, gives you seven days of recipes and lists all the things you need to buy to make them. Unfortunately it also lists all of the “equipment” you’d need to be full blown raw: a dehydrator, a spiraller, juicer, and more. So the recipes I’m choosing to do are the ones I’m already equipped for because I’m certainly not trying to go out and buy a dehyadrator.

For those of you unaware, the raw food movement advocates against cooking food above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Raw foodists vary in their creed. Most are raw vegan, though even within that sect there are those who think eating mostly fruits is better and those that think eating mostly vegetables is better. And then there are raw foodists who eat raw meat and raw vegetables and raw milk. I can’t really wrap my mind around that one, but raw veganism makes sense to me.

The theory behind raw veganism is that there are enzymes in food that get broken down when we cook, and that the cooking process also destroys essential nutrients in food. The reason I’m not raw is because while that may be somewhat true, I don’t believe that the cooking process destroys all nutrients and sometimes it just changes them. For example, if you steam carrots, you almost completely depleat its Vitamin C content. However, you triple the Vitamin A content. So you win some you lose some. Also, I still try to eat plenty of raw food in my diet: fruit for breakfast, salads, etc.

And besides, people already freaked out when I told them I was vegan let alone RAW. It would be nearly impossible to carry on a social life as a raw vegan, unless you live in Manhattan where raw restaurants are a plenty. Then again, how would you get omnivores to go with you? There is A raw restaurant in Boston called Grezzo which I have reviewed before. It was okay, but very expensive. Even on this five day stint, I’m probably not going to go to Grezzo.

Regardless of how incredibly good it is for you, I just canont see myself being 100% raw all the time. Even on this “fast,” I know I am going to eat hummus, which is not raw (the garbonzo beans are cooked before being turned into hummus). But most raw foodists do consider themselves 70-80% raw.

This morning, I made oneweekraw’s “Green Smoothie,” which is ironic because my smoothie came out bloody-mary-red. But here’s what’s in it:

1 banana
2 cups frozen fruit
1/3 bunch spinach
1/2 cup goji berries soaked in warm water for 10 min. (optional)
water for consistency

This smoothie was pretty good. It wasn’t AMAZZZZINGG but it was fine. Goji berries are the strangest things though. They are like raisins mixed with sliced almonds but taste like ginger/cranberries. And that is the world I will be living in this next week. The world of goji berries and raw kombucha and smoothies, OH MY!


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