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GMA does segment on what’s in ground beef
December 2, 2009, 8:08 pm
Filed under: Veg News

At the beginning of November, I talked about the E. Coli outbreak that killed a New Hampshire man and left many others sick. In response, Good Morning America probed the meat industry to find out the truth about ground meat. What they found, was not good. Here are a few quotes from the segment:

70,000 people get sick from E. Coli every year

Ground beef is the leading cause of E. Coli poisonings

Consumers don’t realize what goes into a single hamburger. Most people have a fantasy that it still comes from a single cow.

In GMA’s independent study, there were a minimum of four cows per patty and a maximum of eight… it is those multiple sources that can make your food vulnerable to contamination because just one animal could contaminate the rest.

You just can never be too sure what is going into the meat you eat. There are no FDA guidelines that force companies to test their meat after it has been produced, only that the meat must be “safe.” While many companies do opt to test their meat, not all do. To me, it just ain’t worth the risk! Watch the segment here.


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