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If a vegan comes to dinner
December 2, 2009, 7:28 pm
Filed under: Vegan tips

I cannot even imagine or hope to write an article better than the one I read here about omnivores having vegans over for dinner. It is really refreshing to see an omnivore who understands the vegan’s plight in omniverous situations. There are always people making jokes about how we eat (which, if you ever took Manners 101 you know you should never comment on something someone else is eating), frequently a misunderstanding about what we eat (many don’t know what exactly being vegeterian or vegan is and therefore mistakenly include dairy, eggs, or even chicken stock in recipes) and if there is a dish on the table that is vegan, most other diners will not even go near that entree.

The author writes:

“Here’s a clue: the vegans or vegetarians coming to your house for Thanksgiving aren’t expecting much; they’ve been burned too many times before.

This is what awaits them: the carving of a dead bird in their presence; side dishes mistakenly made with chicken broth or dairy products, which they can’t eat; and jokes about their diet.”

She continues:

“If you do serve vegan dishes or use meat substitutes, don’t inform everyone at the table because the meat eaters will likely turn up their noses… Share the information with the vegans or vegetarians but what the rest don’t know won’t hurt them.”

Read more of her suggestions on having a Veggie over for dinner here.


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